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from abbisk

Free Software

“Free” software “is software that can be used, studied, and modified,” copied, changed with little or no restriction, and which can be copied and redistributed in modified or unmodified form. Free software is available gratis (free of charge) in most cases. “In practice, for software to be distributed as free software, the human-readable form of the program (the source code) must be made available” along “ with a notice granting the” user permission to further adapt the code and continue its redistribution for free. This notice either grants a “free software license”, or releases the source code into the public domain.

Open-Source Software

In the beginning, all software was free in the 1960s, when IBM and others sold the first large-scale computers, these machines came with software which was free. This software could be freely shared among users, The software came written in a programming language (source code available), and it could be improved and modified. Manufacturers were happy that people were writing software that made their machines useful. Then proprietary software dominated the software landscape as manufacturers removed access to the source code. IBM and others realized that most users couldn’t or didn’t want to “fix” their own software and There was money to be made in leasing or licensing software. By the mid-1970s almost all software was proprietary “Proprietary software is software that is owned by an individual or a company (usually the one that developed it). There are almost always major restrictions on its use, and its source code is almost always kept secret.” users were not allowed to redistribute it, source code is not available users cannot modify the programs. Software is an additional product that was for sale In 1980 US copyright law was modified to include software In late 1970s and early 1980s, two different groups started what became known as the open-source software movement: East coast, Richard Stallman (1985), formerly a programmer at the MIT AI Lab, launched the GNU Project and the Free Software Foundation. “to satisfy the need for and give the benefit of ‘software freedom’ to computer users ultimate goal of the GNU Project was to build a free operating system the GNU General Public License (GPL) was designed to ensure that the software produced by GNU will remain free, and to promote the production of more and more free software.


from mrinalraj

GroupPhoto Give respect to what you love and you will find the way to get it out to the world. Today I want to share with you my journey conducting WRITOFEST 2k19.

  • Establishment of app : We had a very solid idea but an uneven path on how we will implement this idea which was to make a platform for the readers. Our idea was unique as there were no such platforms where through the app users can get a quality quote and Shayari as the market was operating on the users' content.

  • Came up with daily writing contest idea As it was obvious that we had to face low user engagement in the beginning so we came up with the idea of “Daily Writing Contest” which gives the users a chance of getting featured on the wall of the Scriptink app under the title “Best writing of the day”. Fortunately, it worked, writings started coming. It was at this time we came in touch with various writers whose writings could become a part of the Scriptink Family.

  • Getting recognized as college group. There was a lot of confusion about whether opening a college group will distract us from our objective but in the end, we formed it intending to build a team that will continuously work for improving the product.

  • Came up with Writing competition. After being recognized as a college group first we need to conduct an event to establish our existence in the college. The “WRITOFEST 2K19” was our first National level Literary Fest.

  • Came up with the idea of including Poets Scriptink started walking on the path less traveled by. Including the events featuring famous poets was one of our masterpieces. But the path was not as easy as always. Contacting distinguished poets like Javed Akthar, Chetan Bhagat was full of fun and was like getting goosebumps every second with the excitement that we had talked with these celebrities.

  • Digital marketing Our digital marketing was damn too good. We somehow managed to get it posted on the INSTA and FB pages of Jai Ojha sir who had followers nationally. It was like WOW moments for us.

  • Sponsorship Some part of our event was college-sponsored but our budget requirement was much more. So we needed sponsorships. At some places, we got disappointment where they were ready to give support but later it didn't correspond with our college terms.

  • Conducted the event successfully The 10-day rigorous reach-out campaign resulted in having Jai Ojha sir(Poet), Alok Puranik (Satirist), Parameshwaran PS(Ted Speaker) as our chief guest. And the event went smoothly the better than we expected.

Our team spirit made impossible things possible. To which we will always pat ourselves.


from mrinalraj


Recently I was in Bangalore for attending Annual Convention 2K19 in BNMIT college. I had nothing to worry about because the round trip was being handled by the college. I can't help myself from feeling lonely as all my friends were busy submitting assignments but the knowledge I would gain was acting as a fuel to get me going.

At the end of the Convention, I realized that there was no one there from my college and to my utter surprise I found that I had 2 missed calls on my silent phone. The call was from one of the faculty coordinators. I callback him to find that the college bus has started, leaving me behind and there was no question of returning.

I won't hide the truth from you but I was scared at that time. Though I had multiple round trips from Tumkur to Majestic, this was a completely different situation for which I was not prepared. While I was estimating how much penny I am left with, a person called me. I only recognized him from his face as he was a senior and was also there during the trip. I came to know that he had purposely missed the bus as he was gonna stay with his friends in Bangalore itself. After I revealed to him that I am from SIT for attending the event, he offered me the accompany until he gets me a bus to Tumkur. I was completely amazed and pondered why is he caring about me? Is it because we are from the same college? Whatever it may be but this made me realize that there is some natural bond between seniors and juniors which is built on respect and these bonds is what built trust in him.


from mrinalraj

Today I had experienced my first phase 1 test for one of the major MNCs named as GOLDMAN SACHS. It came for the internship program for the associates level. Whatever it may be but it opened my eyes. It showed me what is my current position and made me crystal clear on what are the fields I should improve which I will reveal in this blog so be with me :) .

A total time limit of 2 hours was given to solve 15 questions on the hackerrank platform which include 2 Coding Question at the beginning followed by 10 MCQ related to basic C programming concept, 1 Advanced Programming question and 2 subjective questions which were to test your command on the English language.

It is suggested to first target the MCQs followed by the coding part and keep the subjective part for the end.

The problems on Advanced Programming were based on the application of Knapsack and backtracking.

As I mentioned earlier it was an eye-opening internship test for me where I came to know that now I need to think deeply about the applications of the algorithm. Just implementing and getting the output won't work. As someone has rightly said that coding comes from the practice and examples and not from the reading books.

The algorithm teaches us that the problems can be solved in many ways but solving it efficiently to help solve the real-world issues is what matters because while practical implementation data is available in billions and you can imagine how a slacky program can eat up the resources. A lot to learn a lot discuss. Till then keep coding.


from mrinalraj

Before jumping to the answer let us first understand what is a non-technical group. The non-technical group is the group that conducts events and activities which are directly or indirectly related to managing the public at large. In my current college days, I have been part of several non-technical groups like Avalanche, Scriptink and some technical group like Decoders, Dgplug Technical groups are always a good option as they directly build your academics and problem-solving skills.


Is it not economical to be a part of some technical groups as they also conduct competitions where I can interact with public? Yes, you can but just being in the technical group won't give you all skills related to Interpersonal as well as Intrapersonal. Interpersonal skills include teamwork, leadership, fluent communication, etc. Intrapersonal skills are the way you talk to yourself; includes self-esteem, open-mindedness, etc.

Advantage for being in Non-Technical groups

When you conduct non-technical events, you need to attract the crowd as they show little interest unless it is properly advertised and spoon-fed. Most of them find it a waste of time and the situation becomes worse if it has some entry fees. Then there comes your selling skills which include efficient communication, convincing power, body language, confidence and lot more. Below are the following positions where a group act as a sculpture which helps to give the right shape to your personality.

  • Letter permission: Drafting a letter is one of the important tasks as it is the first step to get permission. Here you learn how to frame a letter with utmost care.
  • Event Planning: Now deciding an event name and the idea requires a lot of creativeness. Because this will decide whether your audience will leave the venue happily or not.
  • Digital Poster: Now after the events are decided and date is fixed it's time to reach the maximum audience. Digital poster and pamphlets are the best and cheapest way to advertise. Here you learn editing tools like Adobe Photoshop, Premiere Pro, etc.
  • Handmade poster: Here you get to showcase your creativity in forms of brush and paints.
  • Sponsorship: To make all this stuffs require lots of money. Hence getting sponsors for your event is one of the most important tasks. Here you will develop marketing skills. No matter how good your product is but without proper marketing it is worthless.
  • Treasury: All the purchasing related kinds of stuff are handled by this person. Treasury is considered to be the backbone of the group. Here you will develop skills on where and how to spend money efficiently.
  • Team player : Great teams consist of the right people, not the best people. Every team member must understand the importance of working in a team because the team needs dedication and perseverance.
  • Anchoring: Anchoring helps you to overcome stage fear, enhances the ability to engage the audience and also improves your body language.

Technical Vs Non Technical Groups


So by now you might have got a fair idea on how non-technical groups work and how it helps in shaping your social interaction. But getting into these elite groups is not always an easy task. They have their rigorous recruitment test which includes: 1. Quantitative round, 2. Group Activity 3. GD (Group Discussion) 4. PI (Personal Interview) Being in a group helps in making your college life super memorable. ALL THE BEST!