My first PyCon!

A few months ago I came to know that pycon was happening in Chennai on the month of October, and I realized that attending this year's PyCon is necessary. Deep down I knew that after returning from Pycon I'll not only make new connection and potential people but also it'll change my perspective about the open-source world(in a good way). Also this was my first time that I'll be moving out from my home town, I asked mom that this will be a great opportunity for my exposure of life and experience, as unfortunately there's not much stuff happening in my college(except mass bunking and unnecessary gossip). And my Durga puja was over, packed my bags and left for Chennai. After 27 hours of a long journey, I reached the station, where communicating with people was a bit tough, but my ecstasy was unlimited of meeting that part of India(South). I couldn't sleep that night, I woke up early morning and got ready and reached the venue with one of my folks (@priyankasaggu) from dgplug. When I reached there I was amazed at the crowd which gathered there, I took my id card, and went in the venue, people were everywhere are. Earlier I didn't notice that goodies were being distributed if you play quiz from the respective booths of sponsors. At the evening after the event got over we (dgplug) members went to beach and spent some good time together. It was day 2 and coincidently I met some new friends who were from Kerala and thet were of my same batch and of same stream. So, I attended the keynote speaker who was Ines Montani, and yeah I did not understand everything as clear as water but yes, I did get an idea. And at the end of the day, we all the folks of dgplug went for dinner and enjoyed our meals and some quality time together.

Overall, my experience if I rate out of 10, it will 10/10...yeah every penny i spent to come here, every hour of my journey I spent to come here was worth it...Before coming to PyCon 2k19, I asked myself that none of my friends came from my college.. will it be worth it? Now I know yes it was worth it!