How to get Free URL for your ever changing Router's Public IP?


Folks! Have you ever wondered how to create a URL that always points to your router, even when its public IP address changes? It might sound complex and costly, but it's actually free!


This involves setting up Dynamic DNS (DDNS).

What you need

  1. A Wi-Fi Router supporting NO-IP as DDNS
  2. An account on NO-IP website

Steps for creating hostname in NO IP:

  1. Login to NO-IP website. Make sure to avoid use of special character in the password.
  2. Create a hostname.
  3. We are Done!!!

Steps for configuring DDNS in router:

  1. Login to your router with credentials.
  2. Navigate to DDNS which would possibly under Internet tab.
  3. Configuring DDNS. 3.1 Keep WAN Connection as 'auto'. 3.2 Provider: 'No-IP' 3.3 Username: 3.4 Password: 3.5 Hostname: Give the newly created hostname
  4. We are Done!!!


Reboot your router and verify if NO IP website is showing the recent router's public IP.


Now every time your router public IP changes it would reflect the recent IP on the website.


NO-IP provides a free DDNS hostname that can be used in projects instead of the router's public IP address. Simply confirm the renewal email after 30 days.

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