Shell: Day #3

Today was the day of basic File Management, Pipes, and Redirects. So let's jump to the command's

Now let see these commands in action

>> mkdir -p chess/pieces/board # create an directory for you.
>> rmdir -p chess/pieces/board # will delete whole path if no other file or dir exist
>> pushd /media/USB # will let you save this path
... # any command you run b/w
>> popd # this will get you back to the pushed path
>> dirs # list all the dir path saved
~/bash-trail ~ / ~/Code/tranzact ~/bash-trail/program

>> file shopping_list 
shopping_list: ASCII text

>> whoami | rev # will reverse the output from the *whoami* output

>> last > last-login.txt # will save the output of login user to the file

>> wc < last-login.txt # will pass the text from the file as input to the *wc* command
>> program 2> file # will write the Standard error from the program to the file. **File Descriptor**

>> find /media/USB | xargs -l 3 rm -f  # this will pass files for USB dir and xargs will pass the 3 filenames at a time to remove them.

>> last | tee everyone.txt | grep bob > bob.txt
#  To save details of everyone’s logins and save Bob’s in files also.

#shellrun #dgplug #ilugc