Shell: Day #1

This post and the continuing post will be post/notes to share my journey of going through the shell to brush the commands which I forget and to learn some new ones.

So here one or more things I learned today. * !! – will show you the previous command. * ! String- show's the last command with the given string. * !$– will give the last argument of the previous command * !^ – will give you the first argument of the previous command * ^String^replacement- will replace the first occurrence of the * String* with the replacement string. * Ctrl + A – will get you to the start of the line. * Ctrl + E – will get you to the end of the line. * Ctrl + D – will delete the current character, even can close your shell session :). * For loop – yup we can write for loop to certain repetitive actions. * Locate – can help you to search for the file/s in the drive. * file – it not only help you with the file search just not based on the name but has many options to perform on the result and you can use regex for the file search also.

Now let's dive into some cool example

>> ls
>> clear
>>!! # will refer to the previous command
>> clear
>> !l # refers to the previous command start with a given string in our case `l`
>> ls
>> cd Documents
>> echo !$ # will refer to the *Documents* args from the previous command, same will be the case with *!^*  which refer the first args of the previous command
>> ls
>> echo !$
>> echo ls
>> echo Documents
>>for file in *; echo ${file}; done # try to run this in the shell to see the output


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