Ansible Architecture

Ansible Architecture

What is Ansible Ansible is a simple IT automation tool that make application and system easier to deploy and maintain. With the help of Ansible, you can automate task like network configuration, code deployment and cloud management. Ansible is an agent less system, which means that you don't need to install any software on the client system.

Inventory Inventory file is the one which contains the lists of the host servers on which Ansible works, it can be the IP Addresses, Domain name ...

Hosts It contains the IP addresses or Fully qualified domain name of the node servers which you want to configure.

Ansible.cfg This file contains the configuration for the Ansible, like the path of the Inventory file and values for the default variable in the Ansible

Ansible Nodes Ansible's nodes are the client system on which we want to execute, deploy or maintain the code(servers on which we want to work).

Ansible Engine Ansible engine/master/controller from which we manage all the server nodes.


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