Git: Commands

Git is a version control tool, that helps to track changes in the project. We will discuss a few useful commands which are handy to know while working with the git

Creating a branch with no commits on it

>>> git checkout --orphan <branch_name>
>>> git log
fatal: your current branch '<branch_name>' does not have any commits yet

Remove stale branches In your local, if you have branches that are removed in the remote then you can use the prune command to delete those branches in local also.

>>> git remote prune origin

To pick a commit from another branch If you want to pick a commit from other branches into your current branch you can use the cherry-pick command and -x for when recording the commit, append a line that says “(cherry picked from commit ...)” to the original commit message to indicate which commit this change was cherry-picked from.

>>> git cherry-pick -x <commit SHA1>

To view commits that are not pushed yet

>>> git log @{u}..

Run previous command In Git, we are also switching from one branch to the other. Typing the name, again and again, is tedious. You can use - with the Git command, to save your self from typing the name again

>>>  randomos git:(useless_dict) git checkout add_numbers
Switched to branch 'add_numbers'
Your branch is up-to-date with 'origin/add_numbers'.
>>>  randomos git:(add_numbers) git checkout -
Switched to branch 'useless_dict'
Your branch is up-to-date with 'origin/useless_dict'.

If you have any Git commands which you feel are worth sharing and can save some time. Please do share.


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