Design By Contract

Design by Contract is the software designing process that takes a contract based approach in developing the software that does no more and no less than it claims to do.

What is Contract? A contract is a document that defines the rights and responsibilities of both the party involved in the agreement and which list the repercussions if either party fails to abide by the contract. We all have seen or been in contact with your Landlord or the employment contract that specifies the roles and responsibilities that you must fulfill.

A Similar process we follow while developing the software, where we focus on documenting (and agreeing to) the rights and responsibilities of software modules to ensure program correctness. While writing the contract these questions will be helpful to get things clear.

The software which follows the Design by Contract has these condition specified

Why Design by Contract can be a good approach ?

Conclusion Most of you are thinking, do we need another development approach as we already have Test-driven development (TDD). DBC and TDD are different approaches to the broader topic of the software development process. They both have value and both have used in different situations. DBC approach can be used across the Design, Development, and Deployment. DBC fits perfectly in the world where we follow the concept of crashing early. So give it a shot, will be happy to discuss it, you can reach me out her


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