Yeah! Finally, I'm writing.

I was thinking to pen down my thoughts. So here it is, about how I got introduced to Open-Source. When I was in my final year, somehow I got to know about the word 'Open-Source'. It was all a mystery for me back then. Coming from a third-tier college, Open Source culture was a myth after 2013,2014 I guess. In my batch, hardly someone knows about Open Source and about communities. My college was not like the old era of college, when few masterminds like Kushal, Ratnadeep(rtnpro), Sayan, Chandan were there. Yes they are my college senior. I got to know about it later after I got to know about dgplug. Anyways that is another story. Yeah about Open Source, I started digging more about it, I asked one of my friends and I remember he said “Open-source software is a software whose source code is open to all, everyone can see and modify it”. That day something happened to me I guess. Suddenly I got my interests in it. At very first, after trying on my own I lose hope because I was struggling to learn to contribute and thought that it's impossible. So I left it midway for 3-4 months. Then one day I was talking to Ganesh Kadam in LinkedIn, he suggested me to join dgplug on IRC. Then again I started struggling to set up IRC (as I weren't aware of IRC) and joined dgplug channel. I dropped 'hi' there. Got a reply from sayan. I introduced myself that my name is Rayan and I'm in my final year and I'm from Dr. B.C. Roy Engineering College. Then got a reply from sayan: I feel sorry for you. And I had a chat with everyone, was trying to be online there all the time. Then got to know about Summer Trainning. That's how it all stated for me.

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