Starting 100 Days Of Go

I have been writing Go on and off again for some months. Never got into writing full time or at least daily. At my day job, I write Python, and most of the time besides office I end up writing/reading Python again.

Recently saw Parthvi Vala's twitter posts around #100daysofGo and I did like the idea to follow it myself.

Here are some rules that I would follow for the next 100 days:

  1. Write go for at least 15 min day.
  2. Read go for at least 15 min a day.
  3. Rule 1 can be taken separately for 30 min a day.
  4. Rule 2 cannot be taken separately for 30 min a day.
  5. Update the blog with daily progress.
  6. Update Github repo, TheWayOfGO with daily code updates.

Day – 1 : 6, October 2020

Picked Learn Go with Tests started with the Hello World program. Also wrote some tests and subtests for the program.

Day – 2 : 7, October 2020

Learned various data types and wrote some code around iterations. Added tests for iterations and a basic benchmarking test.

8, October 2020 Skipped: Had gone out couldn't manage time. Need to better plan the day

Day – 3 : 9, October 2020

Read about array and slices. Wrote some basic programs around counting the sum of array and slices with some basic tests for the program.

Day – 4 : 10, October 2020

Read The Go Programming Language chapter on composite types. Finished Arrays, Slices, and Structs. Wrote some basic programs involving composite data types.

11, October 2020 Skipped: Did not plan out the weekend well. Created a work journal entry about #100daysofGO so hopefully will be regular at it.