Modern Problem Needs Modern Solution – Cisco's ThousandEyes

Most probably, you have faced/ heard about the recent Facebook outage. Do you know Cisco Thousand Eyes pinpointed the issue – “Facebook Internal DNS unreachability”

How are Cisco Thousand Eyes able to do it? To explain broadly, it all happens with Agents known as Vintage Points.

  1. External Vantage Points: In these agents, are distributed globally like a public agent.
  2. Internal Vantage Points: Agents are monitoring the enterprise contribute to internal Vantage Points.
  3. End-User Experience: These agents understand the employees and customer experience.

So all these agents cover almost all possible sectors hence are responsible for accurately identifying the issue.

Why Cisco ThousandEyes? To explain the need for Cisco ThousandEyes there is a need to understand the current problem. In the past company relied only on its enterprise Syslog and SNMP protocols to identify and troubleshoot the issues. In this way, the reporting of issues became reactive rather than proactively informing the customer. i.e. customer first used to report the outage then the service provider identifies and troubleshoots it. But this gap is now solved using Cisco ThousandEyes by proactively identifying and troubleshooting before the issue is notifiable to the customer.

Isn't it exciting? Yes, it is.

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Next Coming: How Cisco ThousandEyes helping in revolutionizing maintaining high uptime.