Is being a part of the non-technical group really important?

Before jumping to the answer let us first understand what is a non-technical group. The non-technical group is the group that conducts events and activities which are directly or indirectly related to managing the public at large. In my current college days, I have been part of several non-technical groups like Avalanche, Scriptink and some technical group like Decoders, Dgplug Technical groups are always a good option as they directly build your academics and problem-solving skills.


Is it not economical to be a part of some technical groups as they also conduct competitions where I can interact with public? Yes, you can but just being in the technical group won't give you all skills related to Interpersonal as well as Intrapersonal. Interpersonal skills include teamwork, leadership, fluent communication, etc. Intrapersonal skills are the way you talk to yourself; includes self-esteem, open-mindedness, etc.

Advantage for being in Non-Technical groups

When you conduct non-technical events, you need to attract the crowd as they show little interest unless it is properly advertised and spoon-fed. Most of them find it a waste of time and the situation becomes worse if it has some entry fees. Then there comes your selling skills which include efficient communication, convincing power, body language, confidence and lot more. Below are the following positions where a group act as a sculpture which helps to give the right shape to your personality.

Technical Vs Non Technical Groups


So by now you might have got a fair idea on how non-technical groups work and how it helps in shaping your social interaction. But getting into these elite groups is not always an easy task. They have their rigorous recruitment test which includes: 1. Quantitative round, 2. Group Activity 3. GD (Group Discussion) 4. PI (Personal Interview) Being in a group helps in making your college life super memorable. ALL THE BEST!