How valuable is our data?

In recent years, we have been in so much love for the free commodity without realizing we ourselves have become the commodity. We install only free apps from stores. This is to make you aware of the possible threat to our Right to Privacy which is very important:

What the problem is?

We have used Facebook like various free social networking sites which claims connecting people. Have you ever wondered how these proprietary companies are offering users its product for free? Yes, Facebook gets lots of revenue from adds. But how these adds are unknowingly so accurate? There has to be something tracking our data. These trackers know very effectively which sites have I visited and which product I looked in the cart. There has been many cases of phone tapping and call records that itself has put the citizens privacy a question.

Whom will our data benefit?

You might have gone through various surveys that asks you varieties of question and it will predict your personality. You fill it and submit ignoring the Terms and Condition. These can give them permissions to our personal data likes messages our locations etc. Now these contents are connected to my profile. Giving the direct access to any buyer about my pulse. These companies can now target the user by bombarding with the polarised content which is designed for me and seen only by me.

Why us?

We spent most of our time on these social sites liking and disliking the contents, called as data points . These data points can describe our personality. Through these personality they target those user whose decision can be influenced. These data are so much important to the buyer's that they can pay any amount. Most of the buyers are the political parities who want to influence the election by targeting its citizens. This is cheating democratic process of election. There is a instance during the Trump's Election campaign where a candidate named Ted Cruz won the election on the basis of the user's Facebook like. See how big that difference can cause. Data mining companies like Cambridge analytica had major role in his winning. According to the report Cambridge Analytica has stated that it has around 5000 data points of around millions of American's citizens.

Our privacy is our responsibility

We have to skeptic about our data sharing. You don't know how can some companies mines your data and influence you in their reasoning. Our society has to be updated with the current threat and unethical business model. As the world is getting more advanced keeping our data secure and private is very challenging. There have been many cases of data phishing and fraud calls where we unknowing share our personal and crucial details. The reason behind this is lack of awareness among the people. It is our duty to find the solution so that the technologies we build for human life enhancement should not break it.