How to begin with the first .onion website?

First of all kudos for successfully creating `.onion' address. If not, see my previous blog. Tor Browser

Just having a domain is useless if you don't know how to make use of it. So let's begin with the newly created domain. Note the following guidelines are verified on Ubuntu 18.04

Step 1 : First make a directory :-

sudo mkdir /var/www/your_directory_name cd /var/www/your_directory_name/

Step 2 : Create a file name index.html :-

touch index.html

Step 3 : Editing the newly created file

sudo vi index.html : sudo gives the power to override the readonly files Press 'i' to go in INSERT mode Write your good name Press ESC and give :wq as command to save index.html and exit vi Editor.

Step 4 : Editing the root :

cd /etc/nginx/sites-available/ : If says permission denied sudo it :) sudo vi default : It will open long content. Edit the root line from '/var/www/html' to '/var/www/yourdirectoryname'. Save and exit.

Step 5 : Reloading nginx :

systemctl reload nginx

Kudos our work is done

Step 6 : Open your domain name in Tor Browser :

Incase you forgot your domain name. Type sudo cat /var/lib/tor/hidden_service/hostname

Happy Coding :)