Gandhiji, Bihar, and the First Satyagrah – Path for Non-Violent India.


We proudly remember the importance of Gandhiji's role in Bihar's Champaran. Not only farmers received partial relief from the Tyrant British law but also made Gandhiji in realizing the grand dream of taking people in India's quest for Freedom using Non-Violence as a tool.

It was during the British Colonial period of 1917. Farmers were craving individual rights to choose what to produce on the rented lands from landlords. Britishers colluded with these greedy Landlords and Nawabs forcing Famers to indigo production as a condition to get the necessary financial loan while purchasing them at a throwaway price. Bihar farmer's life became a mere joke. Everybody felt the pain. All that needed was a little push.


Seeing the Bihar farmers' deteriorating condition, a moneylender, Raj Kumar Shukla persuaded Gandhiji to come and understand the plight of farmers.


On seeing Gandhiji's survey of farmers' plight, British Raj was very cautious about Developments.

British Raj tried all possible tricks to trap him under chains of court. But it acted as a catalyst and the news fell out in nearby villages.

Gandhiji started the Champaran Satyagraha. Soon this started getting attention. British Raj felt the pressure to stop public awareness from spreading like wildfire and get it sorted out soon.


Finally, the deal with farmers was successful. Not only farmers got the raise but also Champaran Satyagrah proved to be the booming ground for Non-Violence. It was for the first time Gandhiji felt the importance of Non-Violence that if exercised by society can become a possible part of India's Independence.