Which way to go?

Following my previous blog you all know that I am from Electronics and Communication Department and why I chose that. Coming from a family that have high expectations from me(and I don't blame them) I always wondered that if I come into this profession I'll be having a good and stable job and contribute to society and all good things you know! These I thought before I got into engineering, I really loved my stream truly, I thought that this will be exciting and interesting(though all subjects didn't interested me rather got very boring)as days passed and I got into the world of computers it was not a choice that I made it because I wanted it but because I had to, electronics is nothing without software so I had to but slowly its taking my interest and it is, quite fascinating how all these soft wares, work how do they work and how can we make them work (though i don't have so much knowledge about it,just overall analysis). I learnt that there are not too many exciting and open opportunities for my stream of core jobs, and at last we all have to shift into masses into software world, and I am loving it, yes learning about these new stuffs. But if I change my stream from ECE to software is it fine? Like will it hamper anything right? can I do that? can I switch to softwares completely? but on the other hand i have keep reading my stuff too to get that required points and all that stuff! Switching into softwares I found everything new and exciting and also if I am not an expert here there is no use in electronics, but I don't want to go into electronics anymore, too lengthy process plus the field that I had an interest doesn't have any future here so I don't want to process into it, I just want to keep learning about computers and want to be a part of it, it has logic,it makes sense and sadly now my subjects they keep confusing me and have to keep in mind lots and lots of things, I don't have such big brains to hold so much. I too want to be good coder at last!