Starting Python day 2!

This is the continuation of the Python learning series from the book Python for you and me.

Modules – These are Python files that contain different function definitions or variables that can be reused. These files are always ended with the .py extension.

For writing any language you need an editor, similarly here we use mu editor which was developed by Nicholas Tollervey. For installation, the total download size is around 150MB. We can open the editor from the command line type mu in the terminal. Give the following command line, type mu in the terminal

python3 -m mu

Executing Code – Write your code you want to execute and save it. – Use a proper file name. ( end it with .py) – Click on the run button to execute the code. – If you want to a REPL, then click REPL button.

NOTE: Do not give any unnecessary space in the file name, use _ if required, for an example