My first chapter of this blog.

So,this is where I start my blog writing and thanks to my seniors from dgplug, for pulling me out and giving me this confidence to start blogging. I always wanted to write but thought that I need a perfect topic to write,but this is what I learned, it's me my voice not some article publishing. I was never fixed to one place, my father because of his job had to move from places to places, I lived in Mysore for two and a half years and then moved to Udaipur, Rajasthan. At 2008 I finally came to Durgapur and started my schooling. And ended up my higher secondary schooling from Bidhan Chandra Institution For Girls And then I got admitted to Dr.B.C.Roy Engineering College in Electronics and Communication Engineering. Initially I was adamant that I would stay away from computers and programming language but coincidentally I found that I stand nowhere without computer knowledge. So this is it for now and this blogging is not stopping now.