I was scrolling my social media account (fb) and suddenly saw a post of a song of a very old cartoon NODDY! Oh my god! It instantly lifted my mood and made me smile, these 90's cartoons back then really made our childhood so memorable. We grew up seeing these and back then I felt that the world was too simple, colorful, bright and easy. That's why I always wanted to grow up so fast and wanted to be out and wander freely like those cartoon characters. But sadly growing up is not at all fun, we have to grow up and work ourselves but somewhere I miss that innocence among people which we shared while being children, people are now self-centered. I often participated in singing competitions and did not thought what people will think if I made a mistake. But growing up really makes self-conscious again, about being judged. Still, here it is the life cycle goes like this, being responsible and taking care of your parents and hence, it continues! But why are people now selfish, dirty games and politics and yet we deal with it and move on.