installing Fedora in my system!

I learned about open-source when I got involved in a community called #dgplug, the full form states that Durgapur (Dgp), Linux(l), user's(u), group(g). Here we, folks are taught about open source systems and how can we work on Linux and other open-source software. Now for working on Linux, you need to install another operating system, before I always used Windows. I got involved in the channel's conversation but until an, unless if you aren't doing it practically on your computer or laptop its not helpful. Then I was suggested by some folks in the channel that I can dual boot my system, which means having two operating systems on the same computer. It was quite tricky for me because I had to see both the pros and cons, as I don't have a very advanced computer, just having RAM of 2GB might make things slower. but I had to take a step because I had to learn about Linux. Unfortunately, my computer broke down and I wasn't able to work on it for at least a week or two. But I asked my repairer if he can dual boot it too while repairing it. Initially, he too didn't know much about installing fedora and was not sure if my computer will work after this, but luckily things got better and successfully he installed Fedora 20( i need to upgrade this, this a very old version).