Accepting yourself!

Be who you are, not who others tell you to be.

The above quote clearly replicates confidence and self-love. We somehow get affected by the negative comments and judgments passing by and try to change ourself so that people would accept us the way we are. Finally, when we arrange ourselves for the people to accept us there is again a judgment passing by and yet again we try to change ourselves. In the end, we forget the real us and be a toy for people's satisfaction. as we grow old we realize that we have left the true selves way back and been another person. Fat-shaming or Body shaming, being a dark-skinned girl or being extra bold even wearing a dark lipstick at daytime, or wearing clothes of your own choice attracts people's attention more than taking care of social and devastating issues happening day-to-day. Have you ever heard someone saying that look at the person who threw the packets on the side of a road or look at the person who is pissing at a public place, why aren't they ashamed? Yes, I am healthy and have a unique body shape that maybe most girls don't have or most guys make fun of it. So what? yes I am like this and I am proud of it but you will ignore it once or twice or maybe thrice. Ignorance is not a solution the mentality should be changed, and it can only change if people start teaching their children the value of respect and acceptance, acceptance of people as they are. That obviously doesn't include the acceptance of wrongdoings and violent nature of some people, but accepting the things to make this a society and a better place to live. Only then we can stand together and build a healthy community.